About Us

When we invest in an organization, it is a partnership in capacity-building.

"When we invest in an organization, we consider it a partnership...if we can help that organization become more self-sufficient, we feel we've achieved something."
—Edward C. Johnson 3d, Chairman Emeritus, Fidelity Investments


Fidelity Investments' Chairman Emeritus Edward C. Johnson 3d and his father, the founder of the company, established the Fidelity Foundation, a private, nonoperating foundation, in 1965, launching decades of charitable investing and laying the groundwork for many future philanthropic endeavors. Since inception, the Fidelity Foundation has distributed more than $500 million dollars to qualified nonprofit organizations across the United States and Canada.

Foundation Trustees

Abigail P. Johnson
Edward C. Johnson IV
Elizabeth B. Johnson
Elizabeth L. Johnson
Ross E. Sherbrooke

Foundation Staff

President’s Office

Maura Marx

Caryn Young
Senior Executive Assistant & Board Administrator


Bilan Ahmed
Grants Associate

Dan Ardito
Vice President, Finance and Treasurer

Lydia Bergen
Vice President, Operations

Jeanne Brown
Interim Grants Manager

Jennifer Burran
Director, Grant Operations

Nicole Cho
Manager, Information Services

Jenny Leung
Senior Executive Assistant

Genie McGowan
Associate Director, Grants Management

Carla Muskat
Director, Talent Strategy & Development

Cait O’Hearn
Senior Executive Assistant

Kevin Saunders
Vice President, Legal

Shannon Tuozzo
Senior Executive Assistant

Niina Wirgentius
Grants Data Manager



Matthew Bane
Senior Program Officer, Regional

Lisa Bevilaqua
Senior Advisor, Special Projects

Anthony Britt
Program Officer, Education

Ally Clancy
Program Associate, Regional

Kevin Da Silva
Program Director, Medical Science & Health

Ashley Davies
Program Officer, Conservation

Heather Dawes
Senior Program Consultant, Medical Science & Health

Denise Gomez DelSignore
Senior Program Officer, Regional

Paul Elconin
Program Officer, Conservation

Jocelyn Forbush
Senior Advisor, Arts & Culture

Maya Lindberg
Associate Program Officer, Education

Gloria Lopez
Senior Program Officer, Education

Maicharia Weir Lytle
Program Director, Economic Opportunity

Brooke Marchewka
Program Associate, Education

Alicia McKinney
Program Associate, Economic Opportunity

Meg Morton
Senior Program Consultant

Caroline Nolan
Program Director, Education

Emily O'Donnell
Program Officer, Economic Opportunity

Andrea Perry
Senior Program Officer, Economic Opportunity

Tim Regele
Program Officer, Education

Cassiana Robinson
Program Associate, Conservation

Akosua Ampofo Siever
Program Officer, Regional

Carolyn Shaughnessy
Program Officer, Regional

Steve Sloan
Senior Advisor

Candace Bichsel Tebbenkamp
Senior Program Officer, Medical Science & Health


Strategy & Impact

Alice Bennett
Program & Strategy Officer

Obadiah Brown
Strategy Associate

Johnathan Cook
Strategy Associate

Cian Fields
Senior Strategy Associate

Christine Kang
Senior Evaluation & Impact Officer

Julie Salzinger
Associate Program & Strategy Officer

Ivy So
Senior Strategy Officer

Barbara Sullivan
Vice President, Program Strategy & Impact

For applicants who have submitted requests and require additional information, please email us at info@FidelityFoundation.org.